With friendly faces, food, and beer, you’ll have a hoppy time at Riviera Café Brewhouse

Known as the ‘Best Little Bar in Bridgewater’, Riviera Café Brewhouse has 38 beers on tap and a food menu that will make your mouth water. As opposed to other local breweries, Jordan Boucher, from Horizon Beverage Company in Norton, MA, says the Riviera Café gives you more of a “home feel”. Heather Menchi, who works at the Riviera Café, wholeheartedly agrees with Boucher, saying the staff prides themselves on giving the customers a personal, “hey we know you, and hey we’re going to remember you” type of vibe, while giving customers great service.

Currently having a few of the favorite Harpoon beers on tap, you’ll always find the perfect beverage to accompany your meal. For example, their IPA beers traditionally pair well with meats and spicy foods, that’ll be sure to delight your taste buds and cool you down. Never a dull moment though, as the beers are changing with the seasons, new breweries are popping up everyday, and as Boucher states, “as our company grows, we’re still adding new breweries”. Whether you’re taking the family out to dinner, or meeting up with friends for a beer, there’s no doubt that your taste buds and stomach will be satisfied at Riviera Café Brewhouse.