George Dixon, owner of the Riviera Café Brewhouse is all about family. George was an All American soccer player for Dean College, and went on to play at Ohio State University. When you ask George about his soccer playing days, his response is pretty humble, generally responding something like: “it was exciting.” However, when he begins to talk about his son “Georgie” playing soccer you can see his eyes light up.

“Georgie” Dixon, or as referred by his dad as “G4,” (George Dixon IV) has been playing soccer since a young boy. Now, at age 14, he is the goalie for the East Bridgewater Freshman and Junior Varsity teams, and is expected next year to step-up and become the varsity goalie. His longtime coach Scott Dolan says “Georgie is competitive, serious about learning the game, and the possibilities are endless provided he keeps his focus and the same detailed work ethic that he has displayed to this point.


I doubt that will be difficult considering the type of guidance that his dad provides, along with his grandfather George Dixon II who also works at the Riviera Brewhouse helping out. It really seems like a team atmosphere at the Riviera, with all the family in play, along with the friendly bar and wait staff all working together to make for a great family atmosphere. In fact, Georgie loves to shoot a game of pool with his dad every chance he gets, and you can just see how relaxed and at home he is at the family restaurant. However, at the same time you can see his competitiveness showing through as he tries to win the game. Again, it runs in the family, his dad is a competitor as well, trying his very best every day to make the Riviera Café Brewhouse “The best little Brewhouse in Bridgewater.”